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Independent Psycho-Pass RP/ask blog for Ginoza's dog, Dime.

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Dime is Ginoza's pet Siberian husky whom he had since he was younger (ironically, Gino's a dog lover!). Dime first appeared in the Psycho-Pass radio drama episode 8: "Dogs of the CID".

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Dime is the type to avoid danger at costs. He would rely mostly on his instincts to guide him out of certain situations. He also uses his animal impulses to tell if something or someone is a threat and avoid strictly them. Dime is domesticated and lives his entire life sheltered, he would not know how to properly handle a dangerous situation.

One the other hand, if Ginoza’s life threatened, Dime’s protective wolf-like instincts would settle in and guard him with his life. However because of his old age, there is a most likely, possibly unavoidable chance that Dime will get himself injured and die.